That Forgiving Embrace

I saw sorrow today,
purest deepest regret,
in the eyes of a lover scorned,
and his beauty standing in the cold pleading for forgiveness.

There is seldom times you see true devotion and love,
there was something special that night.
it was late, and I stepped of the buss,
I saw them standing there,

Him, with sadness and hurt in his face,
Her, with remorse and anger.
I walked away, watching at a distance,
praying that it would end well.

And after 10 minutes she started to cry,
and another 5, there it was,
the purest form of forgiveness and love,
the forgiving embrace.

I could almost feel the girls relief,
sweeping though her as it swept her grief away,
the crying stoped and al that was left was a smile,
and two souls connected in an forgiving embrace.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 726 times
Written on 2007-05-17 at 13:17

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