Your Passoinate Spring Scent

When I was running down the moon lit path last night,

A fragrance came to me,

Like a freight train in to my senses,
it was a stranger at first,
but then I realized why it was so potent,
it was the scent of you.

The clear spring air, mix with the blooming daffodils,
the ground being soothed by the cool nights air,
the fresh scent of growing pine,
and the calm rivers breeze gently caressing my skin.

I was stunned, petrified and shivering to my bones,
I could feel you close,
and yet you are so far from my reach
your soothing scent of passionate spring,
forever embracing me,
I wish the days could go faster
so that I can draw your fragrance in,

and then embrace you,
so I can feel the presence of your passionate spring,
When I breath your sweet fragrance in.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 728 times
Written on 2007-05-19 at 20:52

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