So Completly Yours

If you could take my heart,
My Eyes,
My Nose,
My Ears and My soul.

Then you could see what I see,
Hear what I hear,
Smell what I smell
And Feel what I feel,

So you could see yourself as I see you,
So you could see and Angel to.

To see your tender gaze,
To hear your ringing laughter like silver bells in the night,
To draw your warm scent in with a first breath,
and to feel so at peace,
When your hands touch mine.

You truly would see why I gaze upon you so,
Why I dream of you so.

So you could see why you have me,
so hopelessly, that I'm yours so completely.
That you could see how this love struck fool,
could never leave you.

Then you could understand,
why I never want to lose you,
and also,

Why I'm Eternally Yours.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 829 times
Written on 2007-05-19 at 20:55

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Amanda K
this is like a love message under a title" see yourself through my eyes".

excellent and bookmarked

Pamela A Lamppa
A very pretty and emotional piece. Nice work. ~Pamela

Oh, with that ability of expressing yourself I'm sure she knows. :)

Lovely writing