A tribute to Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken ~Aaron Style~

Two roads appeared in a wooded plain
I did not know which one to choose
For which path was right, what could I gain
For either ventured held some kind of pain
Yet as for my sense I could never lose

I looked down the left as far as I could
To see mistakes entwined with blatant lies
These details weren't hidden from where I stood
My past troubles entwined with the wood
Had seeing this omen been very wise

The right side too held a most powerful shift
The mysteries of the future made hazy view
Being blinded by the unknown was really a gift
As I took in the "view" silent and swift
Would my final assessment be askew

Two roads appeared in a wooded plain
The decision of which left me in suspense
I chose the one free from disdain
The one that would make me finally sane
This has surely made all the difference

Poetry by Coolaaron88
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Written on 2007-06-13 at 06:45

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David L Wright
From the lips of physical therapists everywhere "no pain no gain brother." Nicely done though. Happy trails.

Anne Westlund
I like this poem. It has a lot more texture than Frost's poem, if I dare to compare the two. Good job!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey there Aaron this is a really wonderful tribute to one of the worlds best poets
well done young man this is wonderful
rgds Mike

Lea Foverskov
this poem by Robert Frost that really is a legend has inspired much - but i really like this piece! it's always difficult to be inspired by someone that good and have a good outcome, but you've really managed that!! GREAT!

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This is an intriguing piece. From the beggining you recieve the message of "the paths represent life" but because of that last stanza the perspective changed 180 degrees. It's almost as if you're telling this person's life backwards, or not at all... Wonderful piece! Very good work.