This is the taste of mind lately and thought of writing it release my feelings.

69) Thoughts in Chaos

Sometimes choosing can be the most difficult test.
Sometimes the decision is made after hundreds of thoughts.
Such moments are running my mood these days,
And I can't find a way out to make it fair.
I want the mind of mine to get some peace,
The pieces of my heart cling to one belief.
But the selecting process becomes harder by time,
And once consider one door I turn to the last.
I am like spinning around a vicious circle with no end,
And playing a melody whose words unsaid.
I wish I could be firm and never adjourn.
Open for opportunities a second door .
For thinking something over and over again;
Can be killing and misguiding my friends.
Whatever was decision made,
And the choice was,
One should be brave,
And his word unbreaks.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1521 times
Written on 2007-07-07 at 22:41

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made me think of hard decisions we have to make in life at times that put us in a corner more likely than not... the feeling felt very pensive to me, not exactly chaotic, though the twirling effect of the thoughts in the situation described is very clearly expressed... really good, i liked the fact this is so open... as always, the reader can really feel what you describe... nice writing... hope it helped in a releasing way... :f *hugs* xx

I sooooooo relate to this!!!!