sometimes those we try to escape as we are awake appear in our dreams.

78) Dreaming of You

Why I keep dreaming of you?
Though I could get rid of your image throughout the day,
Yet at night it's shown up as if it was alive.
Cutting my heart as a knife.
I ask myself billion questions;
And couldn't comprehend the secret of that passion.
Why it can't calm as I sleep?
Why I find you always in my dreams?
Is it because I couldn't win your love?
Is it because of the harm you caused in my heart?
I fight daily with thoughts
To avoid meeting you every night,
Yet I find the war I sat in the day turns against me
And then I lose the fight.
I want to forget you but how?
I wanna to have dreams without you if I can?
but it seems a dream in itself not dreaming of you.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1498 times
Written on 2007-09-04 at 22:56

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i love how you wrote this... the last line is particularly poignant and summarizing for me: "but it seems a dream in itself not dreaming of you"... your introductory author note struck me as well... may i write something around that? very touching poem that really plunges the reader in the heart of it... :f *hugs* xx

Dreams can sometimes be the best, yet most annoying things in our lives. According to Freud, dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. I'd have to say I agree with him on that one...

Kathy Lockhart
There's such pain and longing in these words Amanda. You have written a poignant poem Amanda. It's a very good text. I hope you find some peace in your dreams soon. xx

Strong Write, I can relate nothing about wanting to forget but I understand the dreaming and not wanting too..

Great Write...