this seems to be a poem of a boiling point i reached over some issues. despite how the poems i put up seem, not all of them are sad, though a few are. but based on that it's not a way of dwelling, or anything. just away to put it in it's place

All that i tryed

another crisis i can not confront,
whispered breaths i try to vent,
pooling eyes of black,
for everything i lack,
black hair of silk, left in locks on the floor,
i'll cut off what offends me and be no more,
twinging nerves with tender screams,
i keep silent on my lips soft as cream,
thrust the issues down, my throat,
like a garbage dispoals hoping i don't choke,
heaveing crimson, from eyes to sore to blink,
clouded thoughts under skin, it's so hard to think,
left hanging by myself,
hoping that you are well,
free of the black that bathes me,
over the red that stains me,
skin of olive soaking your emotions,
in like the water from oceans,
salty with your tears that i cryed,
after all that i tryed.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 830 times
Written on 2007-10-11 at 13:25

Tags Tryed  Emotions  Crisis 

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This is truly moving!!!

this is a great piece ,cant find any words to describe it
a bit lost for words ,really enjoyed
hugs Nature