Im Sorry

I’m sorry loves a foolish game

Where hearts shatter and nothings the same

I’m sorry love deceives young minds

And leaves a road with nothing to find

I’m sorry love is sacrifice and pain

You give up your soul and have nothing to gain

I know love has its ups and downs

Had times where it would give you frowns

I also know that your heart is pure

Whether you’re special, that question I’m sure

Forget about the pain of the past

Forget about the scars that last

Accept the love that’s given today

To give your heart a nice place to stay

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1241 times
Written on 2007-11-09 at 01:10

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Lea Foverskov
So beautiful and so true - it inspired me. Thank you!

I really like this poem!!! It flows really well.

Peter J. Kautsky
text is very much worth reading -- insightful into the eternal subject and cleverly rhymed. great poem. pete

Oh aaron.....this is simply beautifull.
The four last lines are so powerfull, and true.
Keep up the wonderfull work.

this is very beautiful and so true, we cannot let our love from the past affect the love we have right now -
excellent message in this beautiful poem!

true and wise are your words .... we need places where our hearts can stay and feel good ....and love is surely one of the most beautiful places to stay...

enjoyed ..thank you

best wishes