Blood for fame

I will give you fame, more than you can imagine
And prosperity beyond your wildest dreams
I will awake your creative gene from within
Until your mind will rupture from its seams
I will give to you an inconceivable fortune
That will ridicule your capability to spend
Each path you walk will be chance strewn
The world will believe you were heaven sent
I will give you more than you can wish for
Women weak to refuse you beyond any score

You will have more power than any king
A life that the entire world is dreaming of
Whatever you desire instantly life will bring
Things not a soul in this world can think of
Will be yours before you'll become aware
Of the fact that they existed in your mind
Just open up your heart and ensnare
Affluence, adoration and beauty so refined
I will make sure no wish remains unfulfilled
In the kingdom that around you I will build

All you have to do, is enjoy what I give you
Just keep wishing and it will all be yours
All the benefits of this world belong to you
Wherever you go, you'll find open doors
Giving access to realms mortal eyes can't see
Where there exist no limit and paradox
Where your mind and heart will be free
To live in a timeless paradise without clocks
But I can only make this dream come true
If you promise me the son I will give to you


Led Zeppelin soared to fame
While Robert Plant became
A man-god worshipped by all
Centre stage was his throne
Placed on a raised pedestal
On a level previously unknown
Before which the world bowed
To Led Zeppelin's creative bent
Anywhere they went the crowd
Revered their great musical talent
Coiled by forces hidden from them
That trussed onto a mystical plant
A fragile yet most powerful stem
While feeding on flesh and blood
Allowing the artists to be god
Inside this life that is a game
A concern of give and take
In which no illustrious name
May feature without a steak
It is the tradition of occult rule
And temptation, its darling tool
Everything is traded for a price
The attractive promise of fame
Is excellently suited to entice
Eager souls without a name
Who'll give just anything to
Escape a life of anonymity
No matter what it takes to
Become a famed celebrity
For great gifts evil demands
Extremely precious returns
And barely one understands
That evil persistently yearns
For human flesh and blood
Anyone can become a god
When willing to pay the price
The trap Aleister Crowley set
By enticing LZ into his estate
After he'd been declared dead
He continued to fiddle with fate
Beyond the sight of those alive
And on the shores of Loch Ness
His nefarious spirit did contrive
A plan that would make a mess
Of Plant by claiming evil's price
That's invariably bound to demise
Completing the web iniquity spun
Around this singer's deep desire
By demanding the life of his son
As the rules of the game require

Poetry by Rage of Reason
Read 971 times
Written on 2008-05-24 at 12:06

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