...my country is endowed with the beauty of nature, and one of them is a fascinating arrangement of fourteen falls...i wrote this poem the first time i was there...it was a day i truly appreciated nature...

...Fourteen Falls...

The great waters thumping the rocks
The small boats all on their docks,
The rush of the wind between the trees
The small waters as the great seas,
I see the water foaming
As the pressure keeps on coming,
I see the beauty of division
And imagine the drops on collision

If only I could swim across
Even though I would go at a loss,
If only I could fly I say
So I could see from God's angle
And visualize the great tango
Between the waters and rocks,
Between the various parts of nature
All struggling to maintain their stature

Like tears the waters run
Reminds me of life's twists and turns,
Like the flow of a ripe woman
Uncontained the waters flow
So much so they put up a show,
A dance to the movement of the wind
And the unheard drumbeats of the air

Leaves leaving their branches
Just to join the excellent flow
Just to ride upon the fourteen divides.
On rocks some lie, on foam others ride
The falls of nature, all fourteen in harmony

Poetry by kip
Read 527 times
Written on 2006-01-26 at 15:44

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...and visualise the great tango....
Absoluteley fabulous!!

Hi ! .. Rather well done Kip . Like the beautiful flow in these passages . Agree with all said below . Good work .... Glen ( GB )

Celtic boy
The poem being about Nature drew me in to read, the words you wrote sucked me in to the scenes you described.
Incredible writing, thank you for sharing with us.

I to love nature and you have captured a vivid picture for us well done :-))

Veld Cooper
Dear Kip - this is absolutely majestic! Your imagery and connection with nature shines through your work. Splendid!