...what are the most memorable moments to many a man, are they the most pleasant or otherwise 'i don't wanna remember' type moments...our mortal databases have lots of storage space, but what's closest to the RAM(Random Access Memory) is the choice le

...Memorable Moments...

I ponder upon every moment of bliss
Everytime life has placed upon my lips a kiss,
Times of painless pleasurable success
When nothing impeded the tenderness of my conscience
I reminisce upon those beautiful times
When life's been a conglomerate of soothing rhymes,
And then i wonder myself to grief
Why ever are those moments so brief
Why are they less memorable
Than the embarrasingly hurtful and dispicable,
But then we get to choose our memories
Just as easily and unwillingly as we gain our calories,
It's upon us to decide what of the past
will reside at the back of our mortal minds,
And so we do with such ease
Yet it's always what seemed to displease

Poetry by kip
Read 531 times
Written on 2006-01-27 at 15:45

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How true, especially that part for us gaining calories unwillingly, coz Ive been there before. I totally feel you

.....a conglomerate of soothing rhymes...
Powerful phrases,powerful words! Really enjoy reading your work!