...in response to Zoya Zaidi's piece, "SometimesI feel I am the rain", a great poet who identifies elements of nature and uses them as vessels of love...

...Sometimes I feel I am a leaf...(in response to Zoya)...

Sometimes I feel I am a leaf
The cold wetness of the rain
Touching and running down my face
Soothing and cooling the sap in me,
And as a rushing wind hovers over
The greenness of my flat palm
Long for the taunting touch
of the crying heavens

Sometimes I long for the rain,
When natures disheartening dryness
has become of the land,
Other leaves watching me with disdain
Hoping that the sap in me shall be
sucked into the brown branch that I so
vehemently cling to...
And that I shall be dropped

Sometimes I'm glad that am a leaf,
I need not worry about pork and beef,
Since the drizzling drops of the rain
Whilst sending shivers down my being
sustain the life in me.
When the grey clouds depart,
Taking away my love the rain
I long, I yearn
For my one to return.

Poetry by kip
Read 492 times
Written on 2006-01-31 at 11:56

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Zoya Zaidi
Awwwww! Kip, I think that is cute!
Hmmmm... Let me see...?
Yep!... got it!

"Sometimes I feel I am the flower,
Next to th leaf that you are,
Bobbing my head and nodding at you,
My petals fragrant with a pinkish hue,
Hey, this is becoming big!
Wait, I'll complete it and post it on my page for you...!
Here I go...!
Rush, before the inspiration leaves me...!


xxx, Zoya

Hey kip this is truly AMAZING!!...I long I yearn for my one to return.....beautiful words, beautiful flow,beutiful response.I wonder what Zoya wil say about this one lol.Nice work!

A very nice write Kip and I'm sure one that will appeal to Zoya well done :-))