...one of the greatest fears for a man is rejection, to think that you'll approach a lady, let her know your feelings and she slaps you right across the face with a decided NO!...but how fulfilling it is when she feels your vibe...but then again, who say

...The Mind of a Smitten Man...

Slowly, scared
Cautiously to where she stands,
Words amiss
Anticipating no good response.
Her face brightens,
Her smile broadens,
my confidence awakens.
'Hello', says I
'saw you and thought to say hi'
Sweetly spoken comes her greeting
followed by my relieved grinning,
Sharply, swiftly
A conversation begins,
A moment, a minute
an hour then two,
Oh No! Our time is due,
Maybe it was just the spa of a long moment.
First time to chat,
Unconsciously, subconsciously
wishing for another,
a chance again;
to simply, sweetly
say a word or two or more,
'Purely pointless', thought I
For as long as she lives
Unnoticed her path I would tread.

Poetry by kip
Read 569 times
Written on 2006-02-02 at 14:10

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Exactly.You have hit the nail on...It usually has a sense of mixed hope,anticipation,fear and a lot of other stuff.I love the way you put it.

Zoya Zaidi
Yah! that happens with us (women) as well!
Read my poem:"Much is the charm of that unsaid", and you will know what I am talking about: to talk or not to talk? to approach or not to appraoch,? to express or not to express?...in other words"TO be or not to be"...!
Then did you approach finally?
Fear of rejection I must say is more pronouNced in men!
We women tend to be cool about it in general!
UnTil and unless we have soft feeling for a guy...or until & unless we are in love...We tend to be cool about it...But if in love, then all sorts of doubts creep in...then perhaps we are even more insecure than men about the reaction from opposite side...while the love silently becomes stronger...situation more deparate...!


XXX, Zoya

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow man even at my age it can hurt when it happens but well done on the expressive language rgds mike