The Sea of Tranquility

The sun sets on a quiet day
As I take haven on the sea
The waves already deep in slumber
While I drink my Chamomile tea
Warming breezes blow over the ocean
Instilling within me pride
That god created such beauty
Across the great divide
I dock my boat in at port
And visit the lighthouse to view
All of god's creation closely
With my children and you
Twilight skies now surround us
As I prepare to take my rest
One day I'll sail the ocean blue
If by god I'm blessed

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 985 times
Written on 2009-06-13 at 00:38

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melanie sue
very nice and very soothing. i enjoyed reading this very much. i have similar thoughts and can relate so well to the thoughts expressed here. the flow and rhythm is very pleasing. thanks for sharing.

Chris Fernie
I was there with you, dear friend, any chance of being your crew?

Great to see you back on board!


liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Nice imagery
and very peaceful

Rob Graber
Great read--tranquil indeed!
Nice to see you resurface here on the bay!

PS: Note that line 11 needs "god's."