...this was off a text message i sent a love i haven't seen for so long a while, it was her actual reply(second stanza)...it swept me so i thought to share it...

...He Said, She replied...

He said:

There's a girl i once knew
Who said she believed in fate,
If you know her, let her know
that she's somewhere,
lingering in someone's thoughts,
If you don't then please,
know that she's the girl reading this.

She replied:

There's a man i once knew,
He gave me the time of my life,
He wrote his name in my heart
and it's never been erased,
If you see him, please tell him,
I smile at his thought.

Poetry by kip
Read 476 times
Written on 2006-02-06 at 09:14

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Zoya Zaidi
What a lovely poetic dialogue...Did you meet her then?
What happened?
Eh, Kip?
All the best with your friend though!