Haven't you felt like this at least once in your life?

In My World

Weary, can't you see I'm suffering
Yet you still ignore me
Time, the chains that bind my feet
Oh one day I will be free
I've worked hard for my succession
Years built up to my conclusion
Yet you still ignore me
And all my hopes become illusions
Waking up to the see the sun
It's been hard but still I walk
Yet you still ignore me
As time ticks off the clock
In my world, my fortress
My solitude, my place away
No one can touch me
Yet your gaze destroys my locks
Will I ever be free
Free - this freedom dissipating
Drying up in the mind
Persecution, your sword I guess
Is the gift I will forever find
In my world, I knew nothing
But your torment day and night
Many chances to just vanish
Yet I still kept up the fight
I must have knew nothing
I guess it was just your way
Torture - loves vehicle for your heart
To keep our lives at bay

Poetry by Coolaaron88
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Written on 2009-06-30 at 11:17

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