A reflection on one of life's consuming questions.


We were nineteen.
When she and I, the first time
Would try and find
What The Fuss
Was all about.

A hurried plan:
Sharing a room after the party,
A fast furious fumble in the dark.
Way Too Fast,
A double disappointment.

Twenty-one, at university.
Exotic, so erotic to be hit upon!
Back to her place in passion's heat.
We Tumble Fervently,
Only to land, restless and dissatisfied.

Then, a dozen years:
A dozen different girls,
Yet always the same.
Would This Fantasy
Remain forever out of reach?

Time to give up
Perfection didn't exist
Except in poems, books, films.
Why Try Further?
Accept reality, mediocrity, married life.

My Sweetest Spring
You took me to that magic place.
We Took Flight
Soared, ecstatic! Landed satisfied, amazed!

And so it seems
Although it's hard to find
Perfection really does exist!
Wonderful Timeless Fire
Given to us few that dare...

To persevere.

Poetry by TonyD
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Written on 2010-03-11 at 13:27

Tags Sex  Searching  Perfection 

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Brian Oarr
Com'on Tony ... did you ever ask her to marry you? Don't leave us all hangin'!


Just keep going With The Flow!

this is an astounding piece of work