...watchin, waiting in yearning for the right moment to say something

...Watching You...

I took a look at you yester eve
Yesterday just before yester night,
At that marvellous moment that the sun
Would set,
And the sky would pave way for the moon light,
I took a keen look at you then

I peeped through your window yester eve
Watched you while you sat upon your creaky bed
Pillow behind your braided head
Enjoying that moment that you simply nothing did
but gazed upon an open book sitting lavishly
upon your lap.
I did peep my dear,
I peeped through your window

I watched you walk out of that that shame old hall,
Just after a timed test to your wit,
A subtle smile hidden behind a somewhat
Stress wrinkled face,
I watched and wished that I could walk over to
where you were,
But then I would be so obvious,
For I was headed in the opposite direction,
I watched you, oh yes I watched you

I saw you yester night, I saw you
I saw you and wished I was the one
standing right across you staring into the
expanse of beauty that lays hidden deep within
the brownness of your ebony eyes,
I saw you, I said I saw you

I waved at you, remember?
When you were walking, dragging your feet
Down those stairs,
You smiled and waved back, ah yes you did,
For me that was a memorable moment,
For I envisioned a smile that for a while
I may not see.
I took a look, I peeped through,
I watched, I saw, I waved,
And oh you waved back!

Poetry by kip
Read 638 times
Written on 2006-02-24 at 13:03

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Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh the dilemma, my hearts with you my friend. A good write that expresses all the emotions really well. I wonder what would really happen if you told her your feelings?

c g shankar
"Why oh why?
Why then have you to go?" The answer is very simple!Every female expects the male to take initiative. It is sufffice that she waved back to you as a mute consent of your love. Be brave and propose!:) Nice write vividly expressing the thoughts that haunt a youth in love!

This piece!! Very well thought out,grips you till the very end...the suspense held me captive! Absolutely love it!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow there can never be a right time to tell her that you love her. Not so tell her every day if you do regards mike