honestly i'm telling you this one sucks... wrote when i was hyperventilating about a stupid act on my part and tired at the same time... not a good combination for a poet like me


Footsteps echo
I know you're there.
You've finally come out
of your darkened lair.

Gun hits knife
sound like a horn.
You think you can use them
but you I must warn.

Streetlamps glitter
lighting the scene.
I turn to see
your face dark and keen.

You want to kill me
for some reason or another.
We never got along
never laughed with each other.

But still we grew up together
same school, same grade.
I got jealous of you
you always seemed to have it made.

Then I learned the truth
of what you really were.
Scared though I am
unlike you I'm no cur.

Shoot me if you want
and live with regret.
Though I hope you won't
just stand like a threat.

Finally you raise the gun
aiming for my head.
The gun bucks in your hand
and I fall like lead.

Poetry by Mary
Read 736 times
Written on 2006-02-26 at 04:56

Tags Death  Gun  Thingmes 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

Hi ... I don't think it sucks ...pretty powerful piece you've written here .... made me sought of tingle a bit ...but yea ... I liked it .... Glen ( GB )

Its a great read... other than that I dont know what to say! ^_^ wonderful!

YAY it is good...and I'm yeah...so whatever but yes, good...