...when men pretend to be so hard hearted, feeling nothing after cheating on one they dearly love, some may say some may not, for it takes a lot of man to admit that this is what actually goes through the mind...

...The Unspoken Player's Lament...

A human being that's what I am
Nasty and crude I just might be
One with feelings that cause much harm
Dirt in me you just must see

Strong outside weak inside
Reputation built character without
Longings in me seem so wild
For truly I am what bad is about

Who can trust me who can love me?
For even my love would have me hate
Who can hold and depend on me
Rotten I am and that is my fate

Love is blind some may say
But love with eyes I'd rather be in
What I've found is going away
What I cherish becomes unseen

My fault it is I blame her not
My tongue, my eyes, my downfall became
Suggestions I had caused things to rot
Now for all time I take the blame

Full of lament filled with regret
My heart, my mind, so too my soul
Though so far we did not get
Thoughts and dreams dug the hole

A nightmare it is to me, to you
Every moment of thought tears in my eyes
Sorry to you it just won't do
But I'd rather be true than love with lies

Forgive forget so hard to do
Remember my plea see my heart
Though so hard my tongue to trust
What was done was never meant to hurt


Poetry by kip
Read 825 times
Written on 2006-03-06 at 16:59

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Malin Johansson
Can I just say Wow!!!
this text really got me...

// Malin

**tear** WOW!!!
I nearly cried......the sorrow that was embedded in your words.......I feel as though I should *Hug You* and tell you *I'm sorry*............I do hope whatever your situation is that it does heal..........I had experienced the one person who'd meant more to me than anyone....yet he left for his home country. That tore me up.....put I've through my despair God brought me light...... I have someone who is very similiar - - but who is full of love and passion......::sigh:: Amazing....life is!
Anyhow - Best wishes!!!!! AND........GREAT POEM! ~

John Ashleigh

Such a beautiful tear jerking write! Being a man myself, I can deffiently relate to this and I know myself how hard it is to say these words in the eyes of the one you love, because you know the hurt in which you have caused.

But this poem says it all, and If I knew any better, I could just about say you haven't missed a thing!