Left me to die

There was a time when I felt so alone,
Only darkness surrounded me,
I felt so deprived of love,
And that no one could ever help me.

Then I met you an angel sent from above,
A shining light of the purest kind,
With a twinkle in your eyes and a promise of love eternal,
And i fell hard and fast and my heart was yours.

Our time was good, no doubt there,
But then it ended just as fast as it came,
And I stood there and took all the blame,
The love lost was my fault, and the bond between us,
Was never more.

I never understood why life did this to us,
I never understood why you shot me,
I never understood why you left me to die,
All I know is that if I die tomorrow,
It will only be the shell of a former human,

Cause the day that you left me without a good bye,
You took my soul and heart and left me to die.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 486 times
Written on 2006-04-29 at 11:24

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Hey, great read!

First up, a typo, methinks:

"There was a time I when I felt so alone,"

Was this meant to read, "when I...." a simple dropping of that first "I" would fix it up right quickly.

The metaphoric "shot" of the loved one leaving -was just perfect!