Like a Withered Rose

Like a withered rose you shy away,
You shy away from the light,
And you falter under the thoughts of depression,
You think of yourself a burden and wish and end,
You wonder why your life is a constant dryness,
And why you blossom never blooms in perfection.

You hide in the darkest of places',
Peering in envy at the other flowers,
Wondering why you cannot be like them,
You wonder why you where not blessed,
You wonder why.

A withering rose that shies away from the light,
Can never grow because the light is life,
Sometimes life is hard to accept,
Though if you always shy away from life,
you will end up a withered rose,

When you dare to take that step,
And breathe in the light,
you will grow and blossom,
You will be the one Rose that states,

Here I' am a once withering,
once fading but now glowing,
now alive,
Blossoming and growing in life's garden.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 456 times
Written on 2006-05-04 at 20:53

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