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Edgar John Jackson

46 years old from Panama

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Es muy bueno tu poema. Me alegra ver que hay otra persona que publica algo en mi idioma. Es un gran sentimiento el que expresas aquí. Felicidades....

I lied

It is so common when we love and we lobe through the air. Great expression my friend

Love doesn't hurt

When we love so deep we wait 4 nothing in return, so love will never hurt us as we feel it..... Great

My Last Goodbye

It is so deep and stole some tears from my eyes. I love to read it. Sometimes we don't see how much something is important to us until we can lose it. Bear in mind, we are where someone missed us so much. Great!!!!!!

I'll Always Love You

It is so sweet, but correct a grammar mistake, u can't say: I'll give to you, it is I'll give you. Great one!!!!!!!

Orgasmic Divinity

Wow, it is so deep and full of sex... It's been so hot to read it... great expression of passion....;)


I am really sorry, what we do with this is to give love and time to those who need it... I am with you....

Your zero.

Sometimes people see us as the number zero though we see 'em as number one... but we need to keep in mind we can't be what we are expecting to make people see us... great!!!!!!!


Natural elements are saying hello again. I like those poems that have nature as part of 'em. great poem!!!!!!!


I've seen life so, as you describe that girl, but rain takes her emotions over.... I see u used nature to describe human emotions.. well done!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


It is like when we want to find ourselves so deep inside but we find nothing there... I loved to read this ... great!!!!!!!!!! :)


Each new day is a new experience to live .... though we organize our lives, daybreak brings us a new surprise to face. Great poem!!!!!!!!

A Lost Brother

I am sure he will feel the same what u have put in words through this poem. Great work!!!!!!!!!

I want a family

Sometimes i have asked myself the same questions. but i have learned i don't need someone who does not love me by my side and time will tell him/her how much i am and where i have reached. Great poem.. thanks!!!!!!!!!

Don't Go

When we love someone they become our life.... it is so important when we find this love 'cuz not all the people find it around.. Thanks 4 sharing. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

If Eve hadn't ate that apple

Hello, U have to correct the conjugation of the verb eat, its past participle is "eaten". It is a great poem where we can imagine how we could be if God, Religion and more related to, were not part of our religion of our way of being... Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life isn't always fair

It is true what u express thru your poem. We need to keep in mind life goes on and even if we get troubles or we are sad, we can't change the world, we just need to be happy and go on. Great poem... thanks 4 sharing this :)

You broke

hello, I get glad at least U r alive thru the poem, It is short but so deep, i hope u can remember me as i use to read and love your poems

God will take care of you

It's great to know how there are some people that in God they trust, but i really loved how you allow people going on. I have no comments about what the topic is,just about the feeling thru the poem, 'cuz i dont believe maybe as u use to do it

I was older than you

People never understand how much somone else can love 'em. We can sell or give our soul but they are not sure, they take our intentions for granted. great poem. thanks

The world

wherever our eyes can see and our hearts can feel we can see the world through, i enjoyed reading this, thanks 4 sharin' it :)

You didn't really

Some people believe love is a one way ticket but those who really say and do what love makes them do and say, they really love. we don't have to feel we are belittling us when we really love. Great poem, I loved to read it. thanks 4 sharing it ;)

Since I've been gone

it is important when we read and we can get the main idea what the author wants us to understand or make it part of us. It is so great. Thanks for sharing this. ;)


When we give love to someone inthis way it's 'cuz we are so deep in love with. Great poem and thanks 4 sharing this ;)

Words Talk Back

Wow it is the same thing i x-pressed thru my poem "coming to give you more to say". It is a great poem u've written and i agree with U. thank 4 sharing this. ;)


I always ask the same questions and i think everybody does. Life could be simple if everybody could learn they have to live their own lives and let people around live as they want to. thanks 4 sharing this..;)

where'd you go?

I lived the same experience of having the person i loved with all my heart and then she left with no reasons to blame, forgive or forget. but i have learned we always need a reason to forget or we will be walking with no sense. It is great, and it makes me remember how i could love someone some years ago. Thanks ;)

I never told you

it's a great poem, i liked 2 read it so much. Thanks 4 sharing this. Smiling at U ;)

Which gun will you take up, my friend?

Well i think it is a tragedy but it is what we are living 'cuz it is what we have decided to live so on

Your Winter

It's made me walk thru the lonely snowy streets of my soul. I like how U have used nature, snow to describe a place we can feel so deep within... thanks for sharing this

What You Do to Me.......

Wow It is a great poem i loved to read it. It describes what i am feeling inside .... Thanks for this from the bottom of your heart

Who Did You Think I Was?

I have realized you always want to be understood thru the poems when you gotta know people know each other thru emotions. I can see you r a great person though i have not met you. It is another great work. I like yout writing style. thanks 4 sharing this. EJJ :)

Help Me

It's so important to know there are people around who always love and help us so much go on thru thick and thin. I think we so much in common about the kind of emotions you put in words in your poems. Great work. EJJ :)

If I

Well i found myself in your poem. I really loved to read it. It is a great work from deep within. I hope you could know the answers 'coz i am waiting for 'em too. Great! :)

All I Feel Is Hollow

well It is a great poem and you can be sure it is what many people are feeling and thinking too but they just look around and they decide to be part of this un-propose that we call life. Really it is good.

Go on writing

Chemistry Class

It is a great poem, i think the title is according where it took place. I really know this poem is something many people are living around. Really Great!
Go on writing


I got what you say, 'cuz this is the way how people think of men. But i do not think so much all men are in the same way, well you've got your point of view. well done



It is a weird poem. I really enjoyed reading this. I have never seen somethig like this before. U're great writing. I hope one day yo can make anothe equation for friends


I wont let you go, never!

It is a poem of great personal emotion. I wanna say when someone decides to let her or his life for the rest of people at home, at least we gotta give deep love to this person as you do. God knows how much you love him, and only i can say to you, go on and never stop loving him 'cuz he deserves it.


My Intelligent, Handsome Son

It is great!, you know it also makes me feel sad because i'd really like my mom saying the same words to me, but i know it won't be a dream come true. Your poem seems to be so sincere and from the bottom of your heart.

really thanx 4 sharing this with us.


I love you

Well, it is so deep my friend, and also it is the first poem i read when i see an author insists of making clearly understand what he feels. i liked so much.


it's up to you..

it is short but deep. I really see how you are expecting things and it is good, but u don't have to depend on people as it is, but you better know than anybody else what you feel. It is great my friend, and you see, someone suggests the voice of my poem, but it means our friendship is joined at the soul through poems. really thanx for sharing this

Why her and not me?

I ain't sure but what i've read makes me understand clearly he does not love you. I do not understand why you wrote in your intro this person loves you but still remembers someone else. According to what i've lived it means he still loves the other person, maybe he loves you but not as you do too. It is es great poem but i think it is a feeling you don't wanna take upon your shoulders. U have to read my poem (You love me as I do (But now I can't) it is what you gotta do.



well i can say it hurts me so deep because i am living the same situation, and i can say it is part of my poem "Understand", but now i have seen i ain't the only one who suffers in that way. Ur poem is really great and deep. Congratulation my friend and remember life goes on.


Different Year

Well i identify so much with this poem. generally it happens 'cuz of different reasons, but this loneliness makes some poems be born from the bottom of our heart. really thanks for writing in this way. Never stop writing 'cuz it is your soul speaking.