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32 years old from Norway

The latest comments that ChiLLie has written.

A lost friend

always hard to loose a friend=(
nice writ...


etre et avoir

ahh... francais est une language romantic et belle....

Tu continueras ecrire a la francais=)!
tres bien..


The Game Is Lost

beautiful, brilliant, a poem sent from above=)


I wonder... (2)

I wonder why this was such a beautifull poem.. lol
keep doin this!!


why do things happen

why do things happen?? why do we cos our selves so much pain by falling in love??
Ireally loooooved this one..


Loving you

love gives the most painful and the most happy days in our lifes.. fine poem, it tells the truth, its not always easy to love=)

The unsaid

samme kommentar til denne=)

kan si en kombinasjon av begge to..

Have you ever cried?

Det er alltid sånn med gutter.. de vil bare ikke snakke om ting, de får det rett og slett ikke til.. tenkte jeg skulle ringe en fyr jeg er veldig gla i i morra og snakke ut med han... Leste diktet ditt og tenkte f*** heller, jeg er ikke den eneste

wish me luck!!

loved the poem, it stuck to my brain, and I had to read it once more..=)=)

Forever making me shiver

so sad.. so painfull,but still so true...

A poet gone wild

fun one..I enjoyd reading this..

you're not the only one going wild,
but you are the best one today;P


keep that voice in your heart as long as possible, even if it means forever...

I remember the way I felt...

god bless,baby..
get away from there!!
dont you ever let someone do that again!

there's a song,it goes like:
"the scars remind us/that the past is real/I tear my heart open/just to feel.

guess you can relate to that one..


Little one

nothing 's worse than loosing a child,
and nothing compares to the bond between a mother and her child..

feel your loss...
hugs from ChiLLie

Miss you Stranger...

feel this one really strong, by the moment..

keep it up boy! niiiiiiiice....
the stranger I never got to know...

love chillie

Something in you

lovlig,baby.... she must be a wonderfull girl=)


I long for the past

well written,my dare...


let's pretend we're the only ones

wonderful, girl...

cherish the moments for what they're worth..

Hej you! Poet or poetess this concerns you :)

I agree,
I have published my poems other places, and the response here on the bay is unique...
there's a reason why I keep comming back and back again..

luuve you all,dear poets..

**hugs from Chillie**

Would I Walk In Your Shoes

wow..no kidding, I could see the photograph clearly..I'm amazed...


I Could Never

whaow... with this poem you shure knocked me of my feet..
give it a try, so maybe you knock her off her feet too!!

*hugs from Chillie**

One Last Glance (Part 2)


"Sad are the ones who know not of love"

how could you say it in a simpler than that??
I loved the poem, its deep and has meaning
**lots of love**

You're Everything You'll Never Be

I know this feeling.. been there too many times..
but its cuz when we fall in love, we give the person specialtees they aint got.. we live on our own fucking dream, and takes the dream with us to reallity, and the dream dies there.. sooner or later..

Am I A Failure?

having a bad day??
I dont really belive in god, but he makes no mistakes if he exist=)

look forwards throgh better days, the day is what you make it.. let me know if you are ok??

**hugs from me**

Fall of Heaven

nice, never tough about it that way before..
you just gave me 2% of todays new thinking(considering 80%of every thougth we have are old news)



brilliant, girl, brilliant...

the times I remember,
the time I forget...

those lines got me from the start. beautyfully written and full filled with emotions..
I'm really glad I came over this one, thanks for sharing


Why did you fall in love with me?

some one once said that a friendship betweeen the oposite sex can be the most giving, ever, if none of them expekt something more!
I belive so=)

To Make It All Better

this poem really blew me off my chair...
so dark, so real,so recognisable...
only a true poet could put those words together the way you did, and make so much sense...

Maybe I still love you?

I loved the last sentence;)
been there too, girl..


High and Dry

nice write,
Icould feel the canyon breez, and I could smell the desert just by reading it... so simple, jet so realistic..


Little Secrets

like your story, make sence...
I know it would take long before I commited my love to somebody else than my self...


invisible cord

nice write there...

"this is a mysterious yet not complete love."

this line made the whole tekst, I'll remember those lines


I Dont Want To Write About Being Alone

thanks for your optemisim, man...
lovelig writing, made me smile.. thats not bad on a nigth like this...hehe..

You forgot to wait for me at the end of the rainbow

oh, i love your poems, they've got so much spirit... looks like you live your life while you're alive, keep on doing that!

Im Sorry I can't Be With You Today

this girl is a really lucky girl..

hun må være veldig spesiell, er alle diktene om samme jente, og hvem er det??


His words

jet true, but a bit confusing..

but keep it up, hun!!!


I Love You With All I Am

only love, can make a poem like that..
good luck!!

Can't you see? Don't You Care

ohhh, this one!!

når jeg leste diktet kjente jeg smerten din:):) ga meg gåsehud..
stå på, babe!

2) Don't remind me of Him

beautiful, just beautiful...

She in the corner.

nice write,mr..
Ijust ask, where do you get it from??

>lots of hugs<

For my new love

once again, nice work
keep on writing text like this, and I'll keep on reading them..



ohhh.. beautiful, just beautiful!
gave me goosebumps, hunnY...


Easy come, Easy Go

easy come, easy go..
so true, and the way you say it!

*rock on'*


Lovely Girl

Ohhh... I loved this poem, hunny..
wish i was this girl, **wishing, wishing**

Don't count the years...count the memories

this poem is good, man.. hehe..
luuuuv it when you say "want to pick them from your dreams" it's just like that sometimes=)

Try me!

ohhhh, man

den siste der fikk det til å gå kaldt nedover ryggen på meg.. hehe..

hyggelig å se at det er flere norske her..
må si at diktene dine er bra, de gir en egen stemning.. Skriver du på norsk oxo?? ville likt å lese noen...

Your smell

again..simply perfekt....

If I told you - forever

never ever read something that amazing.. reealy makes me cry='(..
You girl, is a true poet...
I'll keep on reading your texts, I simply can't stop...
* ^--c(',)--^ *


hi there!!

I understand,
It's hard not to have someone to turn to..

I'm kind of alone too, only I do have ppl. around,but I feel that they don't understand me...

however; nice write, hunny!

(if you ever feel alone, send me a message=)...)

^--c(',)--^ *lots of hugs from Norway*

Shackle me

Hi there...

Just love your poem...
it tells the truth of freedom, in a way I never was faced with...

nice write, hunny...

*with love from Norway...*