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English War Veteran aged 98

114 years old from UK

The latest comments that English War Veteran aged 98 has written.

The Story Of Bob Dollar

Flip! Is that DIY surgery ?! I think I am gonna be sick ......

A Scottish Prime Minister

Well the truth hurts some times!

just beg steal and borrow and call me on the phone because I am

Why beg and steal borrow when you can use Skype?

A Scottish Prime Minister

Good it was meant to be!
We hate Gordon Brown and the rip off taxes that he charges us which he spends more on per head in Scotland.

We subsidize you lot!

COCKS and TITS. (Who Killed COCK Robin?)

Still trying to work out the missing words .... any clues?



I sent the dream first class in some foil - just incase!

Nice one !!

it was still night but not at all dark

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flip !!!!!!!!

under the light from the powerstation

Oooh! Keep away from those angry Cocks!

the bump on the page is a dead songbird

"beneath the stone ---------her grave----------"

Sounds like a few of My X's - all dead now !!

Well I am such an old bugger - Even Hitler could not kill me !!

the orchard

But what happened to the fluffy white elephant?

Oh well, - we got our sailors back - thats all that matters !!

There was a young lady from Norway

I know I know I know !!!!!!!

Are you sure you did not miss out a cha-la-la? or was it one too many?

there has been bad poems since my last confession

Hmm - what were you doing in confession? And what you been doing with those eggs? I wanna know what happened to the fluffy while elephant too !!??

Let Me

oh bummer that counts me out - I ain't got a red lion !!!

Flowers in December

Wow! Stunning! The best poem I have read on this site!

on the seventh day

What you doing riding your Bicycle down the stairs?!
That won't be very comfortable at all!!!
I think you should get one of those Stanah Stair lifts like me.
I take the women for a ride before I take them to bed - no worries about expensive petrol and no harm done to the environment!

Girls in the tube

I think you should ask Santa for a nice new Pen for Christmas!!

What does "in the Tube mean"? On the TV?

with just one stone

"It only takes one stone to ruin your day!"

Oh so true - caught me in the side of the head one summers day - back in 1969 had a bump for weeks!

Anyway - people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!

Actually people in glass houses SHOULDN'T - FULL STOP - as you don't know who is watching !!!

How about "All it takes is one bullet to ruin your life!"

Or even worse ...

"All it takes is one tax bill to ruin your life !!!"



bless you !!

Are you taking something for that ?!!!

Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte

Ooh la la, oui oui, aha-i- ha-i ha ! C'est la premiere a droite... la salle de bain... je pense,...... oh mais non !!!..... a gauche!!!

Je trouve que votre poetry est tres tres tres magnifique.
Et ou est la souris? La petite Souris? Et l'oiseau qui voler deucement dans le ciel bleu? Il a disparu! MAIS NON !!

Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte

Who killed the Monkey?! poor thing!
That girl with the red hair seems dangerous!

Will there be a sequel?

Lourdes- the talented the wise

OH WOW !!!!

Amazing !!!

The first step . . . shall be to loose the way

I bought a pebble on ebay once- a special pebble, as it used to be a mountain. Now it is just an ordinary pebble.

Wonderful !!!!

but I was also a fool

Horny demons?! Only heard of Horny devils! Keep up the good work but wipe them horny demons off your shoulder as they whisper obscenities and rude stuff in your ear.
If only I could reach my shoulders!!
I'll wait till my home help gets here.

then again

Whose this Jack Fella?!! Sounds like he's got some money if he has gold teeth.

But I bet his wheelchair has not got a dual powersupply with liquid cooling and multi level suspension like mine!!

I bet he dribbles into his own beard!

Nice write love - not sure about the size of the Mosquito's though! Scary!

they called me the river of silence , but I was ruby red as a wild rose

Ok Lourdes love, I will see you at the synchronised swimming club next week same time- I will wear my lucky Y-fronts - and you wear your U-fronts!
I will have to sit out the fast ones as my wheel chair snags on the bottom of the pool and coming up for air in the deep end bit is becoming a bit of a bind.

and you were a twinflower when

Hmmmmmm ................?!!

they called me the river of silence , but I was ruby red as a wild rose


But what the hell were you doing in Arizona? - I thought we were going down to play bingo down at the OAP club!

I had my wheel chair ready and my lucky Y-fronts on all ready for a swinging time !!!

The 'C' word !!!

Tai Chi!!

You are hot - you got it in one !!!!

Sex at 99 is fantastic !!!!!

Yep there's nothing like a bit of hanky panky to make my wheel chair tyre rubber sticky!!


Iranians and North Koreans with big Bombs !!

What do I mean ?!!!!.......

"Iranians and North Koreans with big Bombs !!!!!!"

What about Apes with machine guns - does that help explain?

Limp cocky

Maybe you should have tried Viagra?

Dancing With Grandad

I think the only way this could ever be used would be on Prime suspect 7!

A Loveless Night

Very Autobiographical - but a bit of oversharing in there somewhere ........

Memories of the Sixties

More midgets - hmm what does freud say about Midget fantasies?!

The Midget Angel On The Battlefield of Doom

Midgets, blowjobs, donkeys, fat ugly dwarfs, Oops! I have written an Enda Sweetlove poem - and I was just going to comment on it not write one!!

The High Price Of Charity

So we are mocking the afflicted now?
I lost my leg in North Africa.
I hope the cripple did not catch anything from your dog and that he is ok. But that depends on what the dog caught from you?!

Edna's Video Library (ADULTS ONLY)

Old english war Veteran only fights when he is attacked - i.e Hitler Mussolini and all that. But if you want a comment I will do it after I have picked my toe nails and my nose and changed my colostomy bag and put my teeth in for a soak and shaved my nose and earlobes as that is more interesting. I would also be careful what you say about Polish women as my experience of them is nights of passion in haystacks!

a sugar challenge for Nepenthes rhyme challenge

They have news on CNN?
Well bugger me - I thought that they only had news on the BBC - Well I last watched TV in 1972 - so I don't really know. - Unless I go past the electrical store - but you have to lip read through the window and my wheelchair blocks the pavement. Maybe I should write a poem about my battery powered wheelchair.
Hey I saw a colour computer monitor last week in the store - maybe I should get one of those.

Happy birthday to KJC ( punk rock version)

oh happy Birthday KJC from one old timer to a less old timer!

take your hat off girl when you're talking to me

oi old timer ! Whos that about?
Not the old duffer at the Ryan Air desk who was giving us grief about our wheel chairs?!

Slippery slimey smug arrogant deceitful thieving taxing Gordon

Gordon does not do Economics - he Just follows Tory spending plans but borrows and spends more and then fiddles the books when he cocks up. As far as John Prescott goes - you can have any part of him! 2cm?!! or is it 200cm?!!

Drunken stupor

Well you are obviously speaking from experience!! But not to worry - the NHS will help you out - just as they did with your sex change op!! Maybe you could share that experience with us as well!!

Thankyou Enda or is it Edna?!!


Enda, I write two poems about you and look what I thanks I get from you!

Sledging in winter!

I could be thicker than 200 planks
and I would still not be as thick and fat as you!

An Ode to Maggie!

Thankyou Enda Sweetlove!
I don't think so - there would be no space for both of us - as you would already be there !!

Here Comes The Bride!

more poems from experince!

Hammered On The Good Old Cross!

Your 'style' contrdicts and belittles Christianity - You should be ashamed.

I use 'Style' in the loosest sense of the word.

St Obesity's Is Calling You.

If Gordon Brown taxed sh*t - you would be bankrupt!

A Song Of The Sea

Poofs prostitution sex sodomy

Your poetry lives in the gutter with your mind - Don't worry the rain will sweep it down the drains soon!

Kinky Times In Dublin

What a waste of disk space.

Can't you take up gardenning instead?!