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1. ~~Transition~~
2. The Last Vestiges of Day
3. About Sharks, Whales, and Love
4. Twisted Sculpture
5. If I Were A Butterfly
6. In The Cusp of Time
7. A Tale of Two Mothers
8. The Palette
9. The Monster in the Corner
10. A Place Called Peace ~ A Fairytale
11. Nightmare Town
12. The Tree Of Love
13. The Infinite Wealth of My Forever Joy
14. September 28, 2000 - The Day of Nightmares
15. A Poem for Daddy (Amos H. Lockhart)
16. Swan Lake, Madison, and I
17. Celestial Moments
18. A Poetry of Such Things As Doves
19. In These Quiet Moments
20. My Hairdresser Is Only Five

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Pieces of Life
Poetry by
Kathy Lockhart

hodgepodge of life experiences and thoughts.

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