I think the poem says it all..

With A Simple Kiss

An innocent flirt,
A simple smile,
A blush worth a thousand words,
Each adding to this portrait of perfection.
When you kissed me,
I collapsed in your arms.
What I love most about this
Is the simplicity of it all.
When I'm with you,
I feel perfect.
You see in me
What I've been dying to see in myself.
You've touched my soul in so many ways,
And what makes me happiest
Is just sitting in your company:
My hand in yours,
Your heart entangling mine.
Lying under the stars with you
Is the only thing that I want to do.
You made me complete with a simple kiss,
And one touch from you is not enough...
You are the only one that I cannot resist.

Poetry by Amanda Manmohan
Read 1088 times
Written on 2006-06-03 at 00:47

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Hi ! I agree with Alexander and Damon .... YES ! I can feeeeel where you are coming from , and I guess more importantly , going too .... Like it ! G

Wow, Apanda.. Such a beautiful poem. You have found someone special, and that special someone has found you, a very special girl. Beautiful write:)


Malin Johansson
A very beautiful poem here:)
I loved this one.. some people we just can't resist...

I loved this poem , the way you expressed yourself it was just beautiful :_)

Shas Ramlogan
Passionate and romantic. I think this is your best expression through imagery yet. :) Shas likes.