Once again, I don't know how I wrote this. The image of an abandoned girl in a white, clean room just came to mind recently. I actually wrote the last stanza first. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

It's A Shame

The immaculate walls whisper
a tale of abandonment.

In the center of the room she
stands proud,
covered in ash, smoke
emanating from her weak
frame, a fallen angel,
in a room of such lushness and purity.

The flowers wilt with one
glassy stare from her,
and her mud-stained feet dishonor
the once pure white carpet,
but she takes no notice of this.
She takes no notice at all.

Everything she touches turns to stone,
and with each breath, she releases
another poison,
bringing to life a new hallucination
of sanity.

Her eyes black like coal,
she begins to dance,
twirling and whirling,
feeling beautiful despite her knowledge
of this pure illusion,
her bedraggled dress frolicking and waltzing
around her like an unspoiled robe.
She does a pirouette, a glissade,
for everyone, for no one,
knowing that she appears ludicrous,
but she takes no notice of this.
She takes no notice at all.

For once, she cannot be judged,
and it's a shame to think
that she still can't be free.

This heaven could invade
her, if only she'd let it.

Poetry by Amanda Manmohan
Read 943 times
Written on 2006-06-07 at 02:19

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Love Knight
Good details great use of imagery. Sight is all what was going through my head. Keep up the beautiful words,

Shas Ramlogan
This is a great piece of poetry. The imagery is passionate and dazzling. And the flow and language brings this little girl to life. Great write panda ;)

Kathy Lockhart
Oh My Amanda, let your mind, imagination, inspiration, fingers, hands, keyboard, pen, all that is necesarry for you to write such vivid, haunting pieces flow without ceasing! This is mindbending and penetrating way down deep within. The purity and vile mixed in turmoil what a visual you created here. kathy

This has so much imagery going on, I adore it!!

EXCELLENT!!! very good young girl!!!
..love this poem...kissess