This how I see true love.

5) Love Has Wings

Love has wings,
But it doesn't have ends.
It takes us high.
Where we can reach the skies.
When our forlorn hope is gone
And buried under the stones,
Its magic comes to revive our life in a way that's so fair.
Fairer than any tale.
It's very painful to lose such a feeling.
As it starts sneaking to our empty hearts.
Glory to God who created love.
Love that makes the poor rich,
The rich poor and
The birds sing so cool.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 957 times
Written on 2006-06-16 at 16:57

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so beautiful poem thanx
2006-11-03 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
love most assuredly takes us to higher plains... its feeling is so wondrous, indeed... this is so beautifully expressed... it connects me to the sensations and emotions vividly - a very warm thought... your take on love wonderfully captures how it affects our hearts... this brings a smile to me... thanks :f xx

I love your poetry...this poem expecially this gave me the Chills!...well done!

Feelings, such as depicted in your poem, even myriads of miles of land and sea cannot contain it; if you would empty the ocean and pour in those feelings, the ocean will be filled again. Thus, the last good-bye is only that of an absent of time, for before you know it the Sun will shine, and the greetings with feelings will begin anew. A truly amazing poem with amazing metaphors!

So true ! So true ! Lovely piece here. Full of true meaning . G

A lovely write to read and comtemplate. Yes, love truly is magical.


Love Knight
Glory to God for love, so true.
Returned Favor.
thank you.

Malin Johansson
Lovely C: