Angel Of My Heart

The beauty you bring floats above my heart
and is felt down below underneath it.

Your beauty brings only happiness
and only a smile and I know you've seen it.
I know that angels pray over my head when I am in trouble.
What you have brought in my life is twice
as more I needed, more for double.

Angel of my heart with her wings spread over my chest.
Angel of my heart, you have corrected my path
all this time I have lead, or should say that it has led me.
The elements of love is what you feed me.

Angel of my heart you have enlightened my vision for the things I see. Without you I wouldn't be able to victorize over the tribulations that have fought me.

And I have seen only in my life, only in my heart, the angel of my heart that God has brought me.

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 647 times
Written on 2006-06-18 at 20:15

Tags Angel 

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