to my father.. written 11/14...

I Look Up to You(To My Father)

It has been 16 years overall that I have been in your presence.
You raised me to be the man that I am right now.

Even at times where it seemed I gave up on life, you gave me advise to conquer over the tragedies of life.

As I was 5, my first day of school, I remember when you woke me up just to tell me to take care and to make friends.

Well, I did make friends, and all that scariness turned into fun.

And I still remember when you would wake me up every other morning so you could tell me that I am the one in charge of my sisters.

Which that means a lot to me letting me know that you know I can be responsible and be capable of keeping my word alive.

And how you used make me laugh with your every word you used to say to cheer me up.

You turned tears into smiles, (and maybe, yes, with a lil' McDonald's as well).

But you always knew how to hit the spots that turned any bad day into the
best day to give me hope and confidence in myself.

I still remember that you were the one that told me I was going to be somebody someday.

And I didn't doubt you just like the prophets didn't doubt God's glory.
It might have been a couple of rough times, but I take the blame for that.

And I know you love us, you quit smoking and drinking for your, and all of our health.

You never gave up on hope, and that is what makes you strong.

Kids always want to be like their daddy, am I too grown to say that I still want to be as courageous as you?

I thank you for turning me into the man that somehow that I am.
Although you may not even realize it, you impacted my life for the better.

I thank God for bringing you back safe every night.
And I thank you for being here now when I need you the most,

When the family needs you the most.
You fathered my lil' brother be there for him, like you were for me.

Don't hesitate to say that you love us, it is a father's duty to let us know.
I am not your only son no more, you have one more under your hands.

Take care of him like you took care of me.
So one day, he can say as well, that he looks up to you, too.

-David Ocampo

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 1186 times
Written on 2006-11-16 at 04:49

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Daddies may never could verbally say, "I love you" but I'm very show that they could show how they love more than they speak.
I'm sure your dad would treasure this poem...

Bhakta Raj Giri
That is true David. You have so strongly expressed your feelings. It remained me of my own days those were gone. I really like the line 'As I was 5, my first day of school, I...and to make friends.

Parents are the only living Gods and the role models for us n the source of our inspirations.

Wow. This is a powerful piece about loving those who model after. Extremely well done, my finest compliments.