Everything About You

I wonder if you know why I find myself observing your every smile.
Everything about you makes my face carry smiles.

When I first noticed you, my jaw dropped to the floor.
Your beauty, grows more and more,
by the minute.
Your joy makes my sadness crumble to the floor.

I wonder how it feels to fall in love, and what it has in stored for my life.
You are my sun, my moon, my stars at night.

Your shine prevents me from wondering a stray.
When I take a glance at you, it is like dawn; night is being invaded by day.

Everything about you is everything I need and everything I want.

The best things are saved for last, I want to make you my last and every other girl out of my sight.
Your voice is graceful like a thousand angels singing in the light.

Your eyes put me in a trance, I want to grab you hands,
And say "I want to be yours and make me the man of your dreams."

Everything about you made me realize angels do live among sinning humans.

If I can't have you, it will lower my self-esteem,

I want to be where you are, you don't know about the shoes that I'm in.

I want to reflect on you, I want to be where you are, it is because of

Everything About You...........

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 489 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 18:20

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this poem, is just incredible...yes i do detect a resemblance in writing between you and i lol...i guess our feelings on this topic we call love are expressed in a similiar fashion...keep it up ! :)