Love Can Never Be Kept A Secret

Love is unpredictable, love is happiness,
love is a wish, love is a prayer. Love can
be anything in someone's heart and mind,
but a secret.

Love to is my everything.
Love is my protection, love is my joy,
love is my shine, love is my smile, love
is my everything.

You are my love, and
like love, you are my everything also.
My love for you was a secret at first,
but my confessions repaid my life. I
don't care who knows that I love you
as my angel. I would confess to the
whole world that I love you, and only
you as much as I love myself.

" To love others, you first have to love yourself."
I know that you know I love you as
much as you love yourself. Love was
located in my heart by God and I thank
him for that every time I pray.

My face shows the expression of joy and
happiness, and they place a smile
on my face and my eyes glow with
the feeling of love.

No matter what happens, love is shown, love is
exposed, love is expressed, love
is a force of feeling. Love can be
anything, but love can never be
kept a


Poetry by Love Knight
Read 489 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 18:24

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Love Angel
I love it and you're right true love can't be kept a secret. You have deep feelings and you express them very well. Great Job!!