I wonder

I sit here alone

When I sit here, thinking of you,
I wonder what you are doing,
when I sit here without you,
Waiting here for you to come to my embrace.

When I sit here, I dream,
I dream of the days that we spent together,
And the moments that we cried together,
I dream of you every night I close my eyes here without you.

When I sit here, I remember,
I remember the times i waited for you,
I waited to hear three words to be said by you,
Three words, that "I love you".

When I sit here alone,
I still wait,
I still wait for you to say these three words,
And when I declare my undying love to you,
All you say "I like you to".

So when I sit here alone,
I wonder
By the moons shivering light
And the suns embracing flames,
When I will hear you say,
"I Love you"

So I sit here alone,
Waiting for you,
I hope you will come back soon,
So I can hold you in my arms,
And wait for you,

Waiting for you to say those three words.

Poetry by Christoffer Waye
Read 719 times
Written on 2006-07-09 at 22:35

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Hope you wont wait much longer...very sad poem...but well written**

Dan Cederholm

Hey Christoffer!

This is a great writing about. . .

without you, and all the feelings

who is running in our minds!!!

I had felt this feelings to and it

makes the heart go faster and

slower at both time!!!

Sincerely your friend Dan!!!


That is sure tough...
Hope her heart melts soon!