God is our father, our friend, our guidance. Let's thank Him for all of His tasks in our hearts. Thank You, GOD.

God Is Our Father, Our Friend, Our Guidance

God is so great to all of us
The Father that you can trust
We are His children of love and peace
He is the One that keeps our heart in one piece
Our Father that makes his children rich
Rich in joy, happiness, love, peace and forever
Rich in humor, intelligence, laughter and clever more

God is our friend
That will be there til the end
No need to beg, no need for amends
Pray and He will give His friendship
He loves us from above His heart to the bottom tip

He brought the stars upon our heads and eyes
The ones that keep us bright, and and stops consumeness from the sky
His stars guide our prayers to His heaven of clouds
Our love for Him screams out so loud
When the stars die they will fail to do their job
Then forever never will these stars stop.....

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 895 times
Written on 2006-07-12 at 05:22

Tags God  Father  Friend 

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I like it when I hear such wisdom coming from someone younger than me!!!!!!It kind of brings to me the much needed break from the pulpit and a yearning to listen to more and want something deeper from God.You are a talented instrument that GOD is proud of!

yah that's true!!! we should always believe HIM!!!...kissess