She lives in my heart forever. Forever she resides in happiness.

Living In My Heart

Baby, like you said: separated but together.
And that is true for our hearts to test our hearts to have this love for the better.
Separated, never, together, forever.
You never seem to disappear from my presence.
You have my eyesight enchanted for more senses.
To breathe the aroma of roses.
To hear that delightful smooth voice of an angelic woman.
To taste those lips and how they sweeten up my life.
To feel that touch of a guardian angel.
To all those, it is possible, possible to reside.
If they weren't then why would you be living in my heart?
We may be distant physically, but our hearts stay together glued forever.
Never will they let go of each other.
At night, I hear my own heartbeat because it is the closest thing to my voice.
An angel of life and love that keeps this rhythmic beat flowing.
Of one of life, that you bring life to breathe through my veins.
I feel this heartbeat, to feel yours, you are living in my heart, our hearts conjoined.
So as long as my heart beats, you baby, are living in my heart.

David Ocampo

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 675 times
Written on 2006-08-04 at 10:00

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Amanda K
A lovely piece out of true love. Do shower us dear with such poems . We do need to hear that love does still exist.

Wow.. So nice ;)
You ecspressed love in thise one so good (Y)
I enjoyed reading it :)
Keep writing like this :)
- Hugs From Kitti ^^,

it's enjoyable to read. I think everybody can relate to this poem about love...
nice one...

i luv this poem...and yet at the same time, i find it so ironic that your words reflect how i feel inside :( i'm in the same situation, and the reality of my boyfriend leaving me is a hard reality to grasp...but through your words, i can see that there is some hope in the midst of this kind of situation between two lovers ^_^ great write !! i always love your work :)

Malin Johansson
A beautiful poem here about love!!
Poeple that becomes our angels stays in our hearts...
Rgds from Sweden

Smooth, Poetic, a great piece I enjoyed the read..

Zachary P. B.
This makes me smile and think of e.e. cummings's classic "I Carry Your Heart (I carry it in my heart)" ...

Love knows no bounds, limits, age, or knowledge. It just is.


Aimee Mlotkowski
This poem is pure art. If we would all just realize that distance does not exist between the ones we love, we would never experience pain. Thank ou for such beauty.