This is how I feel at this moment, my parents are trying to rule my life and they just won't accept that I'm not 2 anymore!

Leave me, let me be!

I hate the way I am!
I hate the way you
make me feel!
And most of all I hate myself!

How can I be such a wuss?
So scared of you,
to tell you how I feel,
what I want?

I'm tired of pretending,
I'm finished of being your slave...
I want my own life,
I want to find happiness,
I want someone to love!

Everybody I know is wonderful,
but still you judge them,
you judge me!

This is driving me insane,
your commands are making me mad!
I don't want to jump
when you say I have to,
I don't want this life anymore!

Leave me alone,
let me be!

I'm finished begging,
finished crying...

How can you expect me to be happy
when I never have a chance
to experience true happiness?

I want to llive,
feel, love...

Please stop smothering me,
please let me be!

I've made my decision
and I want you to accept it,

Let's try this once more,
and do understand...
I'm not your little girl

Poetry by Surei
Read 1073 times
Written on 2006-08-17 at 16:32

Tags Anger 

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