What I feel

Believing in you
is really hard
to me...

I know you
won't hurt me,
but it's just that
I have this fear of
being rejected!

I don't want to be like this,
I don't want to feel
this vulnerable...

I don't want to cry,
'cause being with you
makes me weak,
makes me feel all fuzzy inside...

Being in your arms is the closest
to heaven I'll ever get,
your soft kisses
drive me wild,
makes me insane!

I crave for your lips on mine,
your strong arms around me,
and I long to look into your
the gateway to your

I find it hard to say goodbye,
to see you walk away,
but I have to let you go,
you always return at the end
of the day,
but still it's hard to let you go...

I fall asleep,
dreaming of your hot breathe
in my neck,
your masculine scent in the air.

Your voice waking me,
telling me it's time to go...

What's happening to me?
Am I falling in love with you?
whatever it is,
I'm totally,
crazy about you!

And I definitely
love you!

Poetry by Surei
Read 877 times
Written on 2007-01-05 at 07:52

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