The world is so cruel and I don't know what else to say, I wish I was stronger, but at this moment I just feel like leaving this world behind.....

A Broken Soul

Thanks for understanding!
I thought you of all people
would understand,
support me,
talk me through it,
give me hope
help me through the HARD times...

But, no!
You chose to tell me
that I'm pathetic,
that I'm a excuse
that I'm not worth
the name human...

How could you be so cruel?
Can you not understand
that my heart is bleeding,
that I'm shedding my last tears
that I'm dying???

I'm sinking with this ship,
going under,
nobody can save me,
'cause I don't want to be saved,
I don't need rescuing...
I don't want to live anymore!

Leave me to drown in my blood,
leave me to put the razor to my veins,
to end this torture...
This ain't a living,
yes a living hell,

Take your words,
they can't damage me anymore
than I already am,
they can't break my spirit,
'cause he's been broken for years...

Leave me let me drown,
let my lungs fill with blood,
let me cough blood,
let me die in pain!

My life has been filled with pain,
and to have a painless death
wouldn't do me any good,
I need to have pain
in order for me to know that
I'm alive!

Hit me!
Break me!
This broken soul wants to die,
help me die!
DON'T save me,
I ain't worth the effort,
please let me die...

Poetry by Surei
Read 1011 times
Written on 2006-09-10 at 13:19

Tags Anger 

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