I wrote this for a friends father who is in hospital.....

Another one

Short of breath,
I can not breathe...
"Help me!"
The words form in my head,
but no sound comes out...

How can this be?
Why didn't I listen?

I'm struggling for breath,
The need for air to fill my
lungs has never been so consuming,
all I want is to feel air
fill my lungs...

Everything is fading,
life is leaving my body,
my hadns are going numb...

Oh, why?

Someone save me!
Fill my lungs with air!
P L E A S E!!!

Looking back,
hearing those pleas,
ignoring them...
lighting another smoke...

Please let me live!
I have a family...
I want to see them smile,
want to watch them grow up...

In the distance I hear sirens,
see lights...
but my light is fading...
I'm leaving this life behind...


Lighting another smoke,
laughing, smoking,
lungs filling with smoke,
exhaling smoke...
Coughing sometimes,
but still the need to smoke
is all consuming,
ignoring wise words,
getting mad and irritated
because of all these pleas.

Air filling my lungs,
feeling life seeping back into my limbs...
moving my fingers...
feeling alive...
wanting to live
wanting to fight back...

Never will I light another one!

Poetry by Surei
Read 1026 times
Written on 2006-11-01 at 09:36

Tags Hope 

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:) I can so relate to this - :) very well done