I really don't know how to describe this other than that it's a poem that is dark, sad, and painful.

Humanity's Heel

It's dark in here
And cold, and damp
I see water slowly dropping from the celing
Each cool glistening bead mocking me

I don't want to be here
It's scary; I'm surrounded
I'm trapped
And despair's setting in; I can feel it creeping up my body
Pushing it away only draws it closer
It's at my chest now
My heart's racing, I can't feel anything!
I feel everything!
It's in my head now
Chewing away at my sanity
There's spiders on the wall
I want to be them
So happy, so ignorant, so free, so LUCKY!

The next wave comes
Of panic, and fear, and pain
I'm getting numb now
But I'm trapped here
This tiny, barren, desolate cell

I'm so hungry
I can see my ribs
I'm starving
Someone please help me
This isn't right
People shouldn't feel this way
But they do

This hurt is unbearable

The door opens
Hope, light, strength!
People coming in
Beautiful, beautiful people
Here is my help
Here is my aid
Here are my saviors!

O God no
No, no, no...
I didn't see the angst behind their eyes
That cruel unforgiving contempt
Here are my torturers
Thousands of scalding needles in my body
This feels like FOREVER!!
Make it stop, please make it stop...
I can't bear It, It's too much
Each blow destroys a part of me
But I never really existed anyway
They're gone now
They'll be back, tougher and more creative


Poetry by Xuxa
Read 788 times
Written on 2006-09-04 at 22:48

Tags Dark  Angst  Sad 

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