I am NOT committing suicide.

Only So Many Things

Sitting on the ground
Nothing is around
Thoughts filling my head
Utter misery and the coming dread
A torrent through my mind
Nothing I can find
Clogged and cluttered
I give a shudder
Coming and going
Too many things showing
Impossible to order
I need a sorter
Filling every part of me
I can't even see
I put my head down
And give a frown
Too many troubles and thoughts
Consuming me, I can't do what I ought
No way out
I want to shout
Inside I yell
But I'll never tell
Too much to bear
I pray a thousand prayers
Deliver me, please
I'm down on my knees
Days pass by
I just want to cry
There's no hope
It's all outside my scope
But I've found a gun
And I think I might be done
Everything so painful and intense
My life and mind so complicated and dense
But here is my salvation
Here is my elation
That trigger looks nice
One roll of the dice
That's it, I'm done
It's been fun
But it's time for me to go
And lie with the snow
And be pure and clean
In fields unseen
And I'll rest in peace
After this lovely release
Goodbye my friends
This is the end.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 1287 times
Written on 2007-01-16 at 05:09

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Well hopefully you haven't killed yourself and you've just never came back becuase of the text limit. Anyway this was very well written and maybe one day you'll come back Mr Xuxa. (Matt)

~Aaron Rowe

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Rob Graber
Wow, this is pretty convincing. The closing lines really sound like he's talked himself into it. Good text!

Kathy Lockhart
Matt, i hope this is "just a poem." You have great expression of feeling here throughout. However, you scare me with the thoughts of suicide. Please tell me you are not considering this. Kathy