We just had our first real snowfall. Many ideas are floating through my head...


One little flake
Falling down from the heavens
Onto a blanket of its brothers
Forming a crisp covering
Smothering everything on the earth
No matter what resides there
Be it plant, rock, dirt, water, or anything else
All simple, clean, crisp, lovely ivory snow
And suddenly the eyes look differently
Because now it's all the same
All snow
And the eyes rejoice

I bend down towards the snow
And examine it with a scrutinizing glare
I run some through my hand
So clean and fair
This vast, pure wilderness untainted
So beautiful in the moonlight
Single flakes sparkling in the midst of the rest
Standing out among their brothers
Begging notice, begging my gaze
This untracked sheet calls to me
As a whole imploring me to step
To leave a mark for days to come
I step
And I can see my shoeprint in the snow
An area different from all else
This blanket shall never be the same
At least
Not until the next snowfall.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 1225 times
Written on 2007-01-16 at 01:53

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a winter wonderland Matt. Beautiful images and a crisp refreshing feel to it as well. I can smell the snow from here. I love the first snow unmarred, pure. Lovely!

Thats the Matt I know, We didn't get any snow but we got a lot of ice. And we're dealing with the headache now. this was wonderful. Thoughts of snow n such.

~Aaron Rowe