A man, left to die in a battlefield after a fierce war, reflects on and questions the value of it all. Sequel coming...

The Skirmish; The War

Forsaken here under the moonlight
My pitiful body left to rot
The mild night breezes sweeping over me
I can't believe I was shot

My mind drifts back to war
The deafening shots ringing
Survive and kill: our only mission
Our death songs we were singing

We entered into the field
Our hearts hanging on our breasts
The valor we would gain, the glory we'd receive
But first there was the test

The battle was fierce
The fray hot
Bullets everywhere
Yet we still fought

One-by-one we fell
Bodies falling left and right
We should've turned back
But we had to prove our might

I felt the pain
Right below my chest
I fell to the ground
Motioned towards the rest

I was left in the grass
My body mutilated, frayed
I don't blame my comrades
They all know the price should they have stayed

Hours passed, day turned into night
The sun set and the moon rose
All the while I was writhing in pain
Yet this was the path I had chose

What had I done?
What was this pain?
I didn't want this
I only wanted to gain

It should have been perfect
Should have been set
I had wagered the costs, considered the odds
It was a safe bet!

Had I been too rash?
Did I make a decision too quick?
I misjudged the situation
My stupidity makes me sick

How foolish was I!
So stupid to rush in
It wasn't even that important
So why did I risk my sin?

I was cut down, destroyed
But not after I had had my say
They suffered as much as I
Knowing that made it all okay

Wait; what did I just say?
I just killed countless "enemies", strangers, unknowns
These might have been friends
But I turned them into bones

O how ignorant was I!
To not see the stupidity of my action
It was a trivial matter
And we were really of the same faction

My suffering is justified
My pain appropriate
I should've seen clearer
Now I pay, but I deserve this shit

As I pass into the void
I'm able to see clear
I chose the wrong fight, the wrong pointless fight
All because of my fear

If I could go back, I wouldn't have enlisted
I would take back all that was done and said
But I learned my lesson too late
For now, I am dead

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 716 times
Written on 2006-09-04 at 22:50

Tags Drama  War  Regret 

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