An original poem dealing with a man's tragic encounter with misplaced trust in love.

The Drug

Well what do you want me to do?
Do you want me to stay with you?
After what you said?
When it was on my heart you tread?

I remember when things weren't this way
When everything was better then it is today
I remember when you caught my eye
You came to me; I was too shy
We fell in love, and this love was true
As sure a fact as the sky is blue
I confided in you, and you in me
With you I was truly free
I had the courage to sail and soar
To be more with you than I ever was before
You gave me strength when I felt down
You destroyed any conspicuous frown
With you I was able to share every thought
We had different opinions, but we never fought
I devoted myself to you in every way
For I thought this love was here to stay

But you betrayed my love; you went too far
For I found you and him in the back of the car
This love we had shared, had it all been a lie?
Had I deceived myself, believing that with you I could fly?
No, I always gave my part
Right ever since the start
So if my love was true
Then the fault must lie with you
You were killing me slowly every time we were together
You said you loved me, the weight of those words as light as a feather
You stabbed me in the back, used me, decieved me
And I filled my heart with false glee
How could you do this, this horrible thing?
And go off on some erotic fling?
Now I know your love is a lie
For you left me alone, high and dry
I was never selfish, I always opened up
Especially when it came time to sup
You and only you have made things this way
Which is why we are here today

Well what do you want me to do?
Do you want me to stay with you?
After what you said?
When it was on my heart you tread?
You beg me to forgive
Imploring me to think of the life we could live
You show me a world which could never be
Because for all these visions, you are simply unable to see
The plain truth is that you lied
And inside all my feelings for you, along with myself, have nearly died
It breaks my heart
But we cannot restart
My love for you was like my love for my kin
I treated you as such, and then you committed this horrible sin
Each time we were together, the knife of your lies went so far in
You lied to me once; what's to stop you from doing so again?

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 883 times
Written on 2006-09-04 at 22:51

Tags Love  Tragedy  Hurt 

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an awsome write !!!!
this one is really disturbing!!!!
the pain is too much to take,
i could feel my breathe going heavier, n tears rolling my eyes, i don't know whether is it just a poem or a tragic truth that happened to you, but all i want to say my friend is , it was too good, now look u made me cry , are you going to come n wipe my tears? heartfelt poem , very touchy , n right from heart, i could really imagine myself in ur place, i could feel the pain , but just an advice, if you really love her , n really do , plz give her a chance, if you are 16 now , may be even she must be of the same age, oe younger than you, so i guess she is quite immature, but my frnd act wise, give her a chance, she must have understood her mistake, anyways a brilliant write, i randomly picked it , and its an awsome peice of work , indeed a pleasure to read this one.
i guess words aren't enough to express my veiws abt your poem , well my frnd you directly hold a place in my frnds list , n for you this one's *bookmarked*
welcome to this bay!!!!!!

i would rate it not 5 but #100#

impressed , really impressed !!!!
lotz of love to you.
all the best !!!!

rgrds : zee :))