An uplifting poem. I hate peer pressure/group conformity (I'm in high school).

A Different Drum

Break the mold!
Don't fear the scolds!
When time comes to pass the test,
Rise above all the rest!

Live unbound and free
Not how others want you to be.
Enjoy all that is you
But don't throw your life askew!

Breaking down barriers
There's nothing scarier
But take heart, my friend
You'll enjoy rich rewards at the end

Have the courage to get up and shout!
Don't be afraid to stand out
Follow your feelings, they can't be wrong
Be the one that sings a new song!

Don't follow the group when you're being led awry
Instead break free, and soar to the sky!
Seize the day and be yourself, this much is true
There's no one that can rule you better than you!

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 650 times
Written on 2006-09-08 at 02:33

Tags Uplifting  Pressure  Happy 

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keith nunes
strong and oh so right sentiment here.
carpe diem brother!