A sonnet. Don't get so caught up in details that you miss the big picture! ;-)

The Simple Things

I set the alarm but my clock never rings
I'm late again,scrambling around
Trying to set everything straight, pull all the strings
Running my whole day right into the ground

I dash out the door and feel the cool morning air
Trying to find my car, where did I park?
This behavior in the morning, I draw all the stares
It may be light outside, but I still think it's dark

Heading down the street, approaching the highway
I can't shake this feeling of forget
What have I neglected to remember this day?
My entire sanity, I'm willing to bet

And as I pull into this lonely school lot
I realize school is cancelled; it's all for naught.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 861 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 02:36

Tags Tragedy  School  Funny 

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i am just not a morning person at all...so i absolutely identified with this one....very nice and i happen to love sonnets the best

keith nunes
fantastic! great momentum and a fiendish ending

Jessica Rexroat
It made me smile and I was immediatley transported to all those mornings be it school or work... good cadance