A poem I wrote for a school assignment, set in the Puritan era of colonial America. Basically it is a cry for help to God

A Cry for Help

I am Thy humble servant that has kept thy laws
Think low of me not for these sonorous caws
Give me strength and perseverance today
Grant me ability to spread Thy glorious wings and fly away

Falsely accused sit I on this perch of sin
Insanity rampant since this witchcraft did begin
Cleanse these laymen hearts, O glorious one
Please show some compassion for Thy mortal son

Help me to break free of this cage of pain
Show them that my brethren I have never slain
I am merely edging out from Thy holy nest
I serve Thee and Thee alone, that which is the best

I humble myself among Thee, great eagle in the sky
I am but nothing next to Thy wondrous fly
Please find it in Thy loving and powerful heart
To free me from these charges those sinners have falsely wrought

Rid the world of this evil loose
Acquit my humble soul from that lonely noose
Hold me in Thy mighty hand
When I am sit on that unholy stand

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 750 times
Written on 2006-09-20 at 04:47

Tags God  Help 

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I would expect nothing less from someone of your stature. Just keep it coming. : )

~Aaron Rowe

keith nunes
well done! it can't have been easy to discpline yourself to writing like that. you've finished with a top effort. A+