I seek to find
What can't be found
I try to know
What can't be known

I try to see
What can't be seen
I try to understand
What can't be understood

I'm falling ever deeper into a bottomless pit
And the light is fading away
Won't someone help?


Take a second, and relax
Feel the rush of the world freeze
And notice the beauty around you
And notice the beauty within you

And now I feel the release
I feel the floating
That inexplicable feeling
Like a fountain welling up inside you

The freedom
To act as I want to act
To be who I am
To show others the real me

I want to impart to others this bliss
Show them the peace
Share with them this eternal serenity
Words cannot suffice

It is an awakening
That each must feel
Inside their own soul
And it's all too real.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 818 times
Written on 2006-09-25 at 05:31

Tags Freedom  Joy  Release 

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keith nunes
you're right, we've all gotta find ourselves. well said and good poem!

Coolaaron88 The PoetBay support member heart!
Xuxa, man you never stop amazing me. I loved it.