Poem for my boyfriend, Charl, who committed suicide on the 21st of September 2005

Forever in my heart...

It seems that I have to say farewell,
your time on this earth has expired,
you were my friend
& I'll always remeber you!

You might be gone,
but never forgotten!

People might judge you,
might bad-mouth you,
but I know the truth
I truly knew you!

Once you felt pain,
that's gone now,
once you felt hearthache, sorrow & grief,
but He took it away.

Wherever you are,
you are happy
& I know He's at your side.

You taught me a lot
and I can only thank you.
You meant the world to me,
but it's time to let go...

Goodbye my friend,
I'll always love you!

Poetry by Surei
Read 723 times
Written on 2005-09-30 at 11:28

Tags Grief 

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sometimes the best way to deal is to write down how you feel and i don;t think you could do any better at doing at that as you have done in this poem.

and sometimes the best way to deal is also the hardest. so i give you my warmest regards and hugs


I can't imagine how painful it is to lose someone that way. I'm truly sorry for your loss!
The poem was so warm and nice, really enjoyed reading it!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi there, had to return. ref comment from a previous member.

not critical of your words and style, but you might try leaving out the commas at the end of each line.

no critique intended



lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi there,

I am new here, and i was amazed by the sheer emotion of this piece. it demonstrates your love for a very special person.

I am so sorry for your loss, but your tribute is so beautiful. well done to have written it in this period of heartache.



chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
remeber - remember
not sure with you using an exclamation mark at the end of lines a lot.

a good piece though, death is a hard thing to bear, especially when it is someone so close to us and happened so recently. grief needs to roam the mind and heart for a time.

please take the time to visit others in the site and leave your thoughts on poetry posted?